May 11, 2021

How to crack a long zip password?

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    I have a password protected zipfile and a list of ~300 words, one of which is the password. The problem is that they’re all 50-70 characters long.

    I tried john which informed me that ‘Can’t set max length larger than 31 for PKZIP format’.

    I tried hashcat which crashed on me (segmentation fault, maybe an opencl issue, I have an integrated gpu)

    I tried fcrackzip which just failed without an explanation. Experimentally I discovered that it fails with passwords longer than 39.

    Are there any alternatives?

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    I may have got this completely wrong but you have a list of 300 passwords and a zip with a password on?

    Could you not write a bash script or something to read in the list of passwords to an array and loop round that array using the next password until something gets unzipped?

    My bash is a bit cack, but something like:
    `passwordlist=($(cat /path/to/passwords.txt))`
    `for password in “${passwordlist[@]}”`
    `unzip -P $password` [``](

    You might need some exit code checking to know which password did it or to drop out on successful unzip.

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    Shoot me a PM, I have a rig.

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    Have you tried 7zip?

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    I had good luck with Elcomsoft’s password tools in the past before setting up Hashtopolis. Haven’t used anything since. It’s paid software though.

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