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    since last year someone has tried to hack my social networks,
    I suspect who it is, But I can not sue if I do not have more proves.

    yesterday they tried to hack my email account and today I was able to see the IP address.

    I also got the ISP and the Hostname. But my question here is, how am I able to find the exact address? So I can have more proves to finally sue them.

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    Reverse exact IP lookup is a technology that should never exist.

    But the solution for you is block the IP, and hope they don’t listen to podcasts. (Because of the VPN ads)

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    Can’t find the exact address just from an IP. Just a general area. And even so, they could be using a VPN or proxies.

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    Have you thought if setting up a honey pot with infected files?

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    You can’t. The best you can try is SE’ing the ISP to get them to give you the customer profile.

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    Nobody tell him.

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