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    I am currently performing a pen test with my local coffee shop for a pen testing class i am in, and I am having to figure out a way to get access into the private network which the POS and other corporate devices are connected to. Obviously since its a coffee shop i have access to the guest network, but I am trying to figure out a method to use to gain access into the other network.

    From my understanding the wifi router just simply has two separate channels with one channel being the guest network and the other being the corporate network; they are both wpa2 personal; i do not believe there is any vlan or subnetting involved. Ive run some nmap scans and discovered the POS is connected to the guest network and uses SSL service, but i don’t know what version. I was thinking maybe a man in the middle attack would be a good approach but im honestly not sure. If anyone could provide some insight on potential methods, or even any information at all about how to approach it that would be very helpful.

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    well if you know the SSID for the private wifi (aka employees of the coffee shop or like) then you could try brute force program in Kali to see if you can uncover the password.

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