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    I have a Logitech B170 mouse and I lost its receiver. I have a spare 2.4 GHz receiver from an old Microsoft mouse. How do I pair my mice with it?

    I am ready to learn how to do the programming & other technical stuff. Is this even possible?

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    Hack into logitech, access tech support (from the inside, illegally).

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    Might want to check out if it is compatible with a Logitech unified receiver! Then just download the software and off you go.

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    If it connects to a unifying receiver just download the free unify software from logitech and follow the instructions

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    This may or not be possible, depending on a series of variables:

    * The unlicensed 2.4GHz band is relatively wide; just because they’re both “2.4GHz”, there is no guarantee that both devices are using close enough frequencies to see each other.
    * This gets more complicated if they’re (likely) using band hopping, as they may or may not use the same algorithm, which may or may not be possible to change.
    * The controllers are most likely programmable, but there is no guarantee that they will be re-programmable. It’s somewhat likely that they got the read/write fuses blown after getting programmed.
    * Even if they both can operate at the same frequencies and get reprogrammed… there is no guarantee that the controller will actually be capable of implementing the protocol required.

    You can start by checking the specs of the controllers, maybe get an SDR to capture whatever communication is going on, and after that… who knows, you might get lucky.

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    I’d start by checking if the mouse is compatible with the dongle in the first place. What chip is in the dongle? Is it similar to the one u lost?

    You can find teardowns of each device on sites like ifixit and the FCC registered devices website.

    You most likely will then hv to reprogram either the dongle or mouse to identify the other (this bit will likely need some basic hardware to do)

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    Theoretically, anything is possible. But practically no, it’s not possible.

    There’s no shared standard that these types of devices use. Each manufacturer has their own hardware and drivers for it. So to even get close to accomplishing this you would have to do a ton of reverse engineering and hardware hacking.

    You can buy replacement Logitech receivers for like $10-$15 though.

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