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    Hi! This may be classified as a noob question, but i havent found anything on this for the past hour or so of searching.

    So, i have set up my arduino for keystroke injection so i can dowinload different software, and run it. Im going to make a reverse shell, either with netcat or meterpreter, but i need something that catches the signals that get sent to an ip. What i was thinking, was setting my raspberry pi up with its own wifi, so it has an ip address without being connected to any wifi (or my phones 4G). But here is where i cant find anything, i have everything about creating and getting the reverse shell on someones computer down, but not where to pick up the signals. I know i can port forward my router, but there are security risks with that, so i down want to do that.

    What im asking is: How can i set up my raspberry pi to recive reverse shell connections without wifi for the pi? Do i have to use some other means of wireless connection, or does it work with ip connections?


    I hope what i wrote made sense, but maybe not. I can porbably provide any information you need, just ask.

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    You are going to want to have a server online and available at all times so your script can connect to it. A Raspberry Pi would work fine at home. A VPS could work too. For the Ras Pi, It can be wifi or wired into your network, but give it a static internal IP. Then, forward a port to it from your router. Next, get a dynamic name service to point to your external ip using a domain name. There are free ones out there that work fine. Now, you’ve got a place for your script to connect to.

    At one time there were some ISPs out there that accept a Ras Pi that you mail to them and connect them to their network for free. That would be outside your home network.

    You could get a USB Cellular modem and SIM card for it. That would cost money though.

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    I think you need to read up and understand networking if you want to be a hacker.

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    With a 5 second google search I see cellular connectivity and I honestly have no idea how that works, if it will work for you, the price or legality. Just a suggestion

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    This is way above your pay-grade… Good Luck


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