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    My ex claims he has my phone cloned and knows my every location and every text i send. Hes a pathological liar so i dont know if i believe him or not but he has been going on with this one for almost 2 years saying he has my phone cloned and knows everything.

    Is it really that easy to clone somebodys phone? How do i know if mines cloned?

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    If he’s admitting a crime, call the police and have them talk to him about it. Bet that will shut him up about it

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    In all likely hood he hasn’t, but it’s been 2 years

    1) cut him out of your life you don’t need that crap.

    2) get a new phone number from your telco

    3) you could add a pin to your SIM card (I believe this would prevent him from cloning your device) to do this Google your phone and “sim pin”

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    Call his bluff… Setup a fake account and send some fake nudes to it… You’ll know pretty quick.

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    i highly doubt it, but best way to tell is to ask for proof send a test message to a friend you know you can trust or something and ask him what it said. if he refuses to say anything or beats around the bush, he didnt clone your phone. if he did go to your cell company and request a new number and new sim card and explain whats going on. also change all your passwords.

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    He absolutely can if you lived together and he was able to restore a backup of your phone to a different phone (like when you buy a new one and transfer your stuff over). You’ll know if he did because there will be another device on your account (Look in the ‘Find My’ app) that you supposedly own but that you’ve never logged into if it’s not there, he’s full of shit.

    On the off chance that he went to the effort of buying a phone and backing up your data onto it I suggest you:

    1. Change your apple password. (All the others, too, but at a minimum so that he can’t undo the next step change the Apple one.

    2. Brick his phone by reporting it as stolen. He will not be able to reverse this. You could reverse it if you wanted but noone else. After all, it would be owned by you as far as Apple was concerned:

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    I would be willing to bet a large about of money this is nothing more than an intimidation tactic and he’s just telling you lies to try and get into your head and try and make you feel less safe in places you actually are.

    If he’s saying he has access to all of your accounts, he either doesn’t or he’s an idiot because it is so easy to revoke access by changing passwords.


    That said, it’s always worth taking precautions when dealing with an abusive ex. The more security you have, the safer you can feel online and on your own phone.

    Have a look into multi-factor authentication (MFA), most services have it now days and helps stop people from logging in even if they steal your password

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    Have you noticed your phone draining faster than usual? Do you consume too much Gb for what you do?
    To be on the safe side, you can reset your phone to factory settings.

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    In all likelihood, he’s bluffing. If he have a history of lying, I’m going to say that he is doing the same now. But if I were you, This would be my course of action.

    First, I’ll change my google account password into a sentance or statement I can remember. Eg: “[email protected]” or “[email protected]”. They will provide an option to log out of every previously signed-in devices. Also, They’ll ask if you’d like to use About 2 factor authentication. I’ll do both. This way, No one can access my google account and if someone tries, I’ll be notified via the OTP message.

    The reason why to start with google is simple. Google provides a hefty feature. They will suggest strong password for various accounts and will also save them for you. You can check this on Google Chrome. My next step will be to change every account password I have, with google. On password change page, they will offer you a strong password and will save them automatically. I’ll do this for Facebook, snapchat ( Never used this one so dunno much about), Amazon etc…

    REMEMBER, IF YOU OWN A PC THAT YOU SHARE, MAKE A SEPARATE USER ACCOUNT FOR YOURSELF. ONLY YOU SHOULD KNOW THE PASSWORD. ANYONE CAN SEE THE PASSWORDS SAVED ON GOOGLE IF THEY KNOW YOUR PC PASSWORD. On second thought, check if this is already happening. If your passwords are already synched, checking it on Chrome is a piece of cake,( or similar password saving services.) This can also be done in mobile phone. NOW YOU CAN ALSO DO THE SAME THING THAT YOU DID WITH GOOGLE Ie. Sentance for PWD. IF YOU CAN REMEMBER THEM, ITS THE BEST CHOICE.

    Finally, I’ll backup my personal data like pics, videos, (with google photos), whatsapp chat ( in whatsapp ) and everything like that. Then I’ll factory data reset my phone. This will remove everything form my device including any keyloggers or trackers. This ensures complete safety from here on. I’ll reinstall my required apps from STORE. set a NEW phone PASSWORD ( SOMETHING THAT CANNOT BE GUESSED BY ANYONE.) It’s really IMPORTANT. This head to a new start.

    Once you change the password of every service you have, they might automatically de authenticate every device. As long as he don’t get your new password, you are safe. Of course, you can make a fake account and send some suspicious texts or photos to your real account and wait for a reaction. If he doesn’t show any/ doesn’t show any change in behaviour, it proves that he is bluffing.

    Good day.

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