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    This is for nothing nefarious, I have been looking for this one album that was deleted from spotify and then the internet except from this website that allows you to download the album but requires you to sign up for one of their offers like a $100 gift card for X in order to get the password for the folder.

    Fuck these sketchy scam websites, I just want to listen to this one album and move on with my life. Any way to unlock the folder myself?

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    Dude odds are good there’s a virus in it anyway.

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    Which album

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    Well, there are two options.

    1. use John or hashcat on Linux and brute force the zip file. You can find tutorials online. Depending on the password, brute-forcing may be impossible.
    2. Tell us the name of the album and maybe somebody out there can find it. Websites that offer ads/surveys for items are almost always fake and I wouldn’t be surprised if the file you downloaded is just filled with empty data.

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    Use Google to find it. Garunteed you can find what you want this way

    Nice little search term if you’re looking for any music, song, movie,
    file name, artist, etc. Replace the term “what_I_want” with whatever you
    want to search for. If there are spaces in the string, use quotes “”.

    Paste in the Google search bar and you may find many locations that have
    the file you are looking for.
    Durka, Durka, Jehad!

    Paste this:

    intitle:”index of” -inurl:(htm|html|php) what_I_want

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