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    I want to be able to run a word list against an apps product key prompt. I’ve only brute forced WPA 2 hashes. Is there a way I could get it’s hash file and run John on it? I was think that maybe I could make a Python script that uses a for-loop to go through a wordlist and enter the values on the screen to the textbox, but that’d be too slow

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    What is a wordlist going to do for you when your issue is a product key? You might as well just randomize A-Z, a-z, 0-9. I would suggest looking into how other product key crackers work and see if there is a viable method for what you’re trying to accomplish.

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    An app that requires a serial key either generates it using an algorithm built into the app which would require reverse engineering of the app to see how its done.

    But any app worth its salt will most likely have to be paid, the serial will be generayed server side and sent to the user that would require breaking into the companies server to figure out how they are generated.

    Brute forcing a legit serial key would be time consuming and cost ineffective.

    Your best course of action is to reverse engineer the app and go from there.

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