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    After comtemplating if this is something I want to try. Today I completed my first Hack The Box web challenge. Emdee Five for Life to be exact. I watched a walkthrough and it was really exciting getting to that end result. I actually found myself understanding some of the code I was writing. Does that make me a script kiddie at the moment? Yeah definetely, I have a long way to come in ethical hacking but this first leap was a huge milestone for me. I am really excited to keep learning and continue having fun in this amazing communtiy. Thank you.

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    I wouldn’t say a “Script kiddie”. I personally distance myself from that word. Script kiddies just use pre-built tools without understanding them or caring about why they do what they do. If you do care, then you’re not one. Just a newbie who wants to know more. Learning is ultimately what this community is about. I have 14 boxes under my belt right now but I still have a lot more to learn.

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    Awesome! If you wanna practice different challenges than hackthebox check out picoctf. If you wanna learn penetration testing check out the cyber mentors ethical hacking class. Overthewire is also great for practicing bash/Linux/ssh

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    fucking well done 😀 was one of my first ctfs too 😀

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    On to the next one. what do you have planned as your next CTF?

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    One skiddie to another, good on you 🙂

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    You’re not a script kiddie, a script kiddie is someone who benefits of off someone else’s code without learning, you learnt something you’re not one

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    That first step is the hardest – I have trouble motivating myself at the moment but I really want to get into this field.

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    Hey, I am a co-leader for K3RN3L4RMY, we are currently top 50 on the leaderboards, we also have a learning community on discord for CTF’s and hacking, if you want to join and learn a bit just message me. We have sub teams for learners

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