May 19, 2021

I did something stupid

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    Me and my friend were hanging out at his place and he decides to make a throwaway Instagram account to aggravate(in direct messages) some guys known for participating in crime and being dicks in these parts. Anyhow they start threatening us with hackers and how they were going to kill us… so we deleted the account. Does anyone know what to do in this situation? We used a vpn is that makes a difference but the first 2-3 messages were sent on my friends home network. I doubt that they even will get a hacker involved but just I case what can they do? And how do I protect myself if possible. Thanks.

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    Chances are (depending on what you said and who they are) they don’t have time to mess around with someone.

    Tracking someone down and murdering them would be a lot over a few messages.

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    You’re fine, sounds like they’re just being edgy. I would caution you not to taunt people though.

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