May 11, 2021

I hate school

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    The local high school in my community is borderline fascist. Home schoolers such as myself have no chance because they are involved with most events around here. I want to get its IP address and do a thing to Rick roll every single chromebook on the network. I don’t want to do a virus for legal concerns and want to do it without asking a student there. Not asking for a freebie, just some advice.

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    Dude your going about this the wrong way. Learn the basics of Information Technology, then the basics of Computer Science, Then the basics of Computer Engineering, then learn how to hack.

    And when I mean basics I mean fundamentals.

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    lol kids these days calling everything fascist

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    Step 1: Learn to read
    Step 2: Read the subreddit rules
    Step 3: ?
    Step 4: No profit

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