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    Tomorrow I have to make a presentation in online class. I would like to join and speak at the beginning of the presentation normally and then it has to lag a bit and in the following it needs to get so bad nobody can hear me. I know you can slow your internet down by downloading something but can you simulate a breaking wifi?

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    Man, kids getting clever with playing hooky. Like putting sugar in their parent’s gas tanks.

    Answer: just use Chrome and have something different streaming in 4K and in 20 tabs

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    I was able to log into my router and use a bandwidth limiter and I limited my upload and download speed to extremely low levels and it ended up breaking the connection. I’m not sure if this method lags on their end but yours will be breaking.

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    Posted this in my engineering school’s meme group and got [this](https://imgur.com/gallery/2oswRVL) response. Poster indicated that there’s a setting for it in Chrome.

    May Baud be with you.

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    user firfox responsive design mode


    or use a linux router in between, in case you need to throttle 3rd party applications


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    Use Netcut, i find it to be the easiest software-based solution/

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    If you’re on Linux, there are commands you can use to artificially add more ping delay and reduce bandwidth. I don’t remember them off the top of my head, but I used to use it when aying minecraft in like 2014 when it was actually beneficial to lag during PvP.

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    Torrent something huge. Like a public collection of music. Start with a low cap on download speed. Increase every x minutes. Many torrent clients have cli so bash is your friend.

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    In the amount of effort you’ve put into this, you would have done the assignment. Not sure if I’m impressed or disappointed.

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