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    I am trying to find and upload data related to scammers in my country by tracking them down using there phone numbers
    These guys take advantage of people in desperate need for jobs and leach money from them and disappear.
    My country cybersecurity who actually have all this authority to get that data have turned blind eye on this and yes I was scammed too and I am a fool too but now I am done with the rules
    Any suggestions how to start I don’t care if it takes my whole life to get to these fuckes I am dedicating my whole life to ruin there life for good I want them to see what it feels like to be fucked up when you are already in deep shit
    Thank you

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    Call them and fuck with them waste their time. Record calls and post on social media. I’m sure there is a way to robocall these numbers as they pop up. I get two or three calls a day and block them but it is like whack a mole.

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    I’m a noob/ a little good at hacking I’ll try to see if I could help

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    I’m very sorry to hear you got scammed.

    However here are some things to bear in mind. The phone numbers these scammers use to call people are often spoofed, not their actual phone numbers. Meaning there’s no easy way to look at these scam calls and figure out who’s making them.

    Also vigilante justice isn’t something I can condone. You run a high risk of “catching” the wrong person and also getting yourself into legal hot water.

    You can certainly annoy scammers by leading them on and wasting their time when they call/email you. Every minute they spend talking to you is a minute they’re not scamming someone else.

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    You can do it with a malware that acts like a keyboard or something else, but it will be hard to do it. First: most of the scammers use virtual number to call and scam others, but i think they use the same email that he use it to scam you in the app! So you can search for what app the scammers use it most, then just mail them as this app like “hi. Sir, the app you using it is need to use addon with it and you dont have it. Please download it from here http://#####.#####.### and install it. If you didn’t install it after a week, the app will be disabled!” (Duoble scam) and put the spyware in it and you will get so many information!

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