June 15, 2021

Ideas for a hacking presentation

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    So, for my language course we need to make a presentation about something, and I chose Hacking. Those are not tech savvy people so I want to make it interesting.
    I want to show them darkweb, WiFi hacking + password cracking, maybe email spoofing, maybe Anonynous + some interesting facts Do you have any other ideas or you maybe know some easy trick that anyone can learn really fast. Please leave a comment, all input will be appreciated

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    WiFi hacking seems to grab people’s attention real quick. Password cracking can be done in real time with very weak passwords to show how insecure they are.

    Maybe you could also perform a MITM attack on an unencrypted connection just to show sensitive information going over the wire in plain text.

    Use a phishing email that points to some domain you control and host a fake login form for a social media site, for example. Then you phish yourself in the presentation and show the logs on your backend storing the credentials.

    The key takeaways should always revolve around the simple attitudes people can do to minimize their exposure to all this.

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    I have a ready demo hacking an ip-enabled video camera. It has older firmware, a default password, and a known vulnerability that lets you dump the memory contents.

    To me it’s a parlor trick but it gets several points across:
    – change your password from the default
    – patch your stuff
    – don’t connect out devices to the internet if you don’t need to
    – how easy it is to “hack” something simply by using google

    And then I end by going to shodan and showing at all the thousands and thousands of cameras connected on the web.

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    One parlor trick, but I like to show breaking into Mac OS devices with single user mode. Blows people’s minds.

    Another is to set up an http service and a Wireshark listener. Then send the user name and password and show the two items in the network traffic logs. Helps people understand the significance of the letter “s” in the security world.

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