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    My friend is tracking me on telegram .. I could be offline for 10 hours and the moment I’m online he sends me a message , he also added me to a channel (he is the admin of the channel) and he sends stuff in the channel at the same time as I become online . I’m hiding my last seen so how could he possibly do that? I’ve asked about this before and some people said he’s scheduling his messages but that can’t be because I’m hiding my last seen and also it wouldn’t explain how he can do this with the channel as well . The problem is I’m worried thag he might have hacked my account , that is the only explanation I can think of , I’ve looked for everything and there is just no way that he could do what he’s doing unless he’s already in my account.. Does anyone know any other way ? And if he’s hacked my account how do I deal with it?(there is no active session but I’ve heard that a good hacker can hack you without showing in active sessions) . Someone told me there is online scripts that shows you when someone is online , Does anyone know such a thing? Would really appreciate some help

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    Well I think a sensible option would be for you to change your password and see if it’s still happening. If once you’ve changed your password and it stops happening you know that he had access, if it starts happening shortly after that again you know he has a way of cracking into your account. If it continues to happen straight away after you’ve changed your password you know that he is using some kind of feature to know when you are online or not.

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    I don’t use Telegram, but I assume two-factor authentication is available. Add that to your account.

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