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    Hi guys,

    I’m working on a project to analyze, compare and choose the best Endpoint protection solution for an IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) infrastructure that runs customizable Linux through the use of the [Yocto Project]( I’ve honestly never worked with Linux Endpoint solutions, not to mention IoT Endpoint solutions. Can you please provide me with good solutions and resources for these solutions (something like white papers, feature/performance comparisons, etc…)? Or any good information or advice for this project would go a long way!


    Edit: Additional info about device – the IoMT device uses cortex-M ARM (32 bit) processor and communicates with an IoT Edge device on an untrusted Wireless LAN.

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    Can you explain the use case some more?

    You probably aren’t going to be able to install an agent on the device itself. The OS that the device is using will be bare-bones, non standard and should be pretty well locked down. Even if you *could* install an agent on the device, you probably don’t want to. It could introduce new clinical risk (e.g. taking up resources doing a scan when the device needs to be medical-ing)

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    Not an endorsement, as I have no experience with their solution, but you might want to look at [Firedome](

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    I’m glad for your position I just got rejected on a hw/IoT pentest position on a big firm. Working on a blog now, hell Ill release my info for free and will post here when that’s available as well. But till then here are some sources for you to enjoy.

    Also, I’m looking for possible content for my blog so if you want me to evaluate the end result or help you with the deciding process (for free) Id be more than glad. You could DM me from here for future discussions. Good luck with your build.


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