May 11, 2021

is hacktivism really back as a movement?


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    I heard of this new organization and I looked it up. Its called Distributed Denial of Secrets.

    They are the new equivalent of Anonymous but potentially a more organized collective.

    ‘Distributed Denial of Secrets’ publishes ‘BlueLeaks,’ a trove of law enforcement records

    What do you think of these guys? Is this legit?

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    Short answer

    Anonymous is just that.
    This is not
    This is a new leaker endpoint.
    You can see the DDoSecretes members.

    Reading into it sounds like Anonymous Hackers are their source of information

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    There needs to be Hacktivism in the Clearing Houses n hendge fund market manipulators.
    Perhaps a Ancap/Hacktivist Colab.

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    Would not be surprised if Anon was a government agency shilling as a movement. Not commenting on their moral standpoint (I have no clue)

    But it makes sense to me. All this tech doesn’t come out of garage’s contrary to popular belief..

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    What? When was that a thing, I must have missed it.

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