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    How about learning serious hacking stuff using a low end machine? By ‘serious’ I mean enough to put you on the most wanted list.

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    Unless you are purely interested in computing rainbow tables there is little *need* for a beefy machine (and in *that* case you’re better served by using a few hours of serious “cloud”), it’s mostly just more comfortable and “snappy”. I do most stuff from an old T410 laptop because no one bats an eye when a “old programmer”-type person lugs that into a corporate cafeteria and asks for the wifi password 🙂

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    All you need is an ssh client and a terminal

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    Idk what “serious” haxing is but you can dump and reverse firmware on a router with a pi and a usb to ttl adapter

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    People have been hacking since the development of the earliest computers, which have 2000x less processing power than your average modern day smart phone. And using the “most wanted list” is not a good metric for determining “serious hacking”. Grand larceny and fraud can put you on there and are relatively easy tasks. Same goes for illegal access of any financial institutions or private accounts. Even basic worms which require a code compiler and a minimum supported CPU can put you on there. It’s not about hardware, it’s about knowledge.

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    Yes absolutely

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