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    I got myself into trouble without wanting it with a video i uploaded to Google Drive. It was a small clip (Captured with Win+G menu screen recording) from my class where our professor was being funny and I sent the link to a friend. Somehow that link spread through everyone and the prof learned about it and now she wants to learn who took that video and posted. They are threathening the uploader with “We will take a legal action and we will find the IP address of whoever uploaded the video.” There was no illegal content in the video like terrorism or abuse etc. just our prof talking with phone.

    The video is deleted from the drive account and can’t be reached with the link right now. Also the account that uploaded the video is also deleted. What I want to learn: Is it possible to find the IP address that video was uploaded in this case?

    Thanks to everyone will reply.

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    It’s gone from Google and can’t be retrieved by anyone outside of Google. However, you shared it. There’s no way to know who else they shared it with or what they did with it, and with so much heat on it now they’re not going to admit that they may have shared it again or uploaded it somewhere.

    Not trying to get you even more paranoid, but I’d be more concerned about with whom it was shared. If they make a bone headed mistake and get caught they’ll likely rat you out to save their own ass.

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    I would be more worried about them tracing based on the account IF they able to determine the username of the account.

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    They are part of the government, so they can probably make up any excuse and get Google to give them the IP. But what good is that? The IP is the school’s NAT gateway? I’d be more concerned about them getting your account information.

    The IP they are looking for isn’t of the shared / uploaded file, that’s not useful to them, what they are saying they will find is the IP of who uploaded it, which can lead to whoever uploaded the file. Google will have logs and can provide the IP of an uploader of a deleted file. But if you did it from a school network, I don’t know what they think they will do with that.

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    So I’m going to give you a two-part answer based on my time working forensics with law enforcement.

    Technically, yes, they could. It would be easier to get the Google Account information straight from Google, especially if you used your real information for creating your account. If they did get the IP address, they would also need to subpoena the ISP for subscriber information (which would probably be your parents). They would another warrant to seize your computer so they can conduct forensics on it to prove that the video came from your specific computer when you were using it (because who’s to say a hacker didn’t do it).

    Basically, this would be a lot of work for some hurt feelings, and I’d be surprised if any police department cared enough to investigate something that may not even be a crime. Depending on what state you live in, you may have one-party consent laws where only one person (you) needs to consent to be recorded. If you live in a state like that, then there’s nothing they can do legally (you might get in trouble for breaking a school policy, but the police won’t help with that).

    I’d say let this serve as a lesson and move on. Don’t send anything to anyone that you wouldn’t want the world to see. As soon as you send something, you no longer have any control over it.

    Tldr. I seriously doubt anything will happen, and the school is trying scare tactics because they’re mad.

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    People get caught because they are bragging about it. Or because they are posting about it on Reddit with their main Reddit account, which makes it much easier to identify the person.

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    From the technical side the investing police department would need to ask the judge to issue 2 subpoenas. One to Google for the IP address that uploaded the video and the second to the ISP so they can figure out what house the IP was assigned to at the time. Once they have the house (and assuming no one admits to it) they would then need to prove exactly which computer/phone it came from and who was in possession of that device when it was recorded/uploaded.

    For any of this to start there would have to be some type of suspected illegal activity… Tldr: Yes they can find out who, no the cops will not spend the time. Especially since you mentioned nothing illegal took place. Watch this video then apply it to your school.

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    Google, Facebook, YouTube and others strip any exif information from the files uploaded, so there’s no way from an outsider to gather information like ip, location, software used and so on. Although the file is deleted, I’m pretty sure there are logs on their servers with all the information needed to identify you and any LEA can request it via proper channels. It’s usually done for terrorist suspects, murder suspects and other kind of serious crimes. No one will bother you for that. If your prof finds out it’s you, surely someone snitched.

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