June 15, 2021

Is it really possible to get hacked from whatsapp

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    I have talked to and heard of people who have supposedly been “hacked” through whatsapp. I don’t really believe them so I am asking you guts if this is possible. If this can happen how are some ways that soneone can become hacked and what are some ways to prevent it.

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    they clicked a link

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    This is really rough because if someone wants to target you badly enough, you will get hacked and there’s not much you can do if you want to keep using WhatsApp (or any other devices). Some tips:

    – visit safe boring websites. Websites that cater to a taboo subject or controversial ideology will be riskier.

    – make a habit to reboot your phone often. While infecting your phone has some challenges, making the infection persistent takes more effort. Reboot your phone will usually remove transient malware

    – I know it’s controversial but use an iOS device over an android and do not side-load apps.

    – have good OPSEC and practice strong security hygiene. This means all the usual like patching software, picking strong passphrases, never ever ever reusing the passphrase on more than one site/app, and sharing as little about yourself on the internet as possible.

    You could also evaluate your own risk / threat profile and decide it’s not worth it and go on about your day. I recommend some approach in the middle.

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    It is, though it’s pretty easy to avoid by following the advice listed in this thread. If you want a good example look up the whatsapp pegasus hack.

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    Ive been receiving regular txt msgs. They say “your security code is: xxxx and to click a link.” Its weird bc the domain is whatsapp.com . I didnt rqst any code and didnt click the link but im pretty sure someone is trying to hack into it.

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