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    Hey 🙂

    Newbie here, but I was asking myself if the shift to Home Office is a security vulnerability for companies. During COVID millions of people world wide are now working from home, but their private networks are much less secure than company environments and WIFI Passwords are often very simple.

    Isn’t the companies data under risk here?

    Thank you 🙂

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    Yes 100% – I work in software sales, my customers are living in the wild west

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    Wifi passwords (where I live) are very secure, 15 characters, random uppercase, random lowercase and nobody really changes them. Except Businesses with guest networks

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    HR Views here – Organization applications require VPN to connect with them or to access remote file serves. The teams or accounts which handles sensitive data especially of banking clients have to comes to offices as they have been provided exemption as they come under essential services in India.
    From time to time our IT Team floats all the security updates.

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    I guess that a lot of people, surely those working on more secure data would be connected with their work VPN. This would definitely add a layer of security. Furthermore it is probably not really useful to randomly attack homenetworks you wouldn’t necessarily know where the user work and if their information is interesting. I would therefore guess that the people who work with real critical stuff probably have a better network setup than most

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    It sure is, we have witnessed a lot more of incidents where workers are using their work machines in a network that has been compromised, also, more people are using their work machines to do “personal” stuff as well (mostly porn) and also downloading a lot more of questionable content.

    Also, one big thing is that a lot of people have their devices in a home network that exposes their remote desktop ports to the internet and such

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    companies either use their work laptops with VPNs that are designed to be used in open public networks anyway or they provide the home office with a small VPN router/access point hybrid that brings the office network directly to the home office. with the same SSID / RADIUS NAC security that is used in the office.

    in both ways the home network could also be a public wifi and it would be fine.

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