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    I kinda knew i want to do my best

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    this makes me wanna nail my eyes shut.

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    Hacking what?

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    a computer.

    joking aside, we’re gonna need some more details..

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    ok i’m unsubbing

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    I use multiple monitors (I have 10) each for a different Window such as a browser window, or tool, document etc. The more monitors I have, the more I am able to organize and keep an eye on everything that’s happening making my hacks 10x efficient because I don’t have to really use tabs to open and view an application when I can just glance at a different monitor.

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    Yep. My biggest tricks require some tools: a deck of cards, a big hat and a bunny rabbit.

    After the acquisition of these tools and 25+ years of practice, congrats, you’re a hacker.

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