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    I dont exactly remember how this happened but I don’t think it really matters either. Just know that one of my emails I can’t enter it at all. I go onto and enter the email address and its password, and it only gives me the option of being able to Enter one of the 8-digit backup codes that I do not have for this specific email address.

    So here is where I wonder: is there anyway I can get this account back? Clicking on the “Get help” button doesn’t do anything because they reject my admission every time.

    I’ve been wanting to get this account back for a while now and was wondering if any of ya’ll could help me with somehow getting it back.

    P.S. 2-Step Verification is pretty much why I can’t access the email. I don’t have an 8 digit backup code, and I also don’t have an eligible phone or tablet to get a security code.

    So yeah, if anyone has any legal ideas please let me know.

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    No, it is not legal to hack Gmail.

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    What do you need that specific email for anyway? If it’s for access to an account on a different website it might be easier to try and recover that website’s account rather than Google’s. And as others have said, hacking into a Google email even if it is yours is super illegal. On top of that, the amount of time and effort it would take to hack in would probably not even be worth it in most cases. It’s not like it would be a leisurely afternoon project.. Google doesn’t really fuck around when it comes to security. The only logical reason to try this would be hunting down a bug bounty to report to Google, and an exploit that would allow you to bypass 2fa and get into an account with just a password would probably net you a nice paycheck.

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    Nope, hacking is illegal whatever way you put it. If it is legitimately your account, contact your email provider and give them any information they need to recover your access to the account that way.

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