May 11, 2021

is there anyway to grab an ip off of twitter?

Home Forums is there anyway to grab an ip off of twitter?

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    There is a small group of pedophiles and groomers harassing me and when i report the twitter does nothing about it, and whenever i block them they just make new accounts. i’ve even tried exposing them twice now and. they still wont stop.this is my last resort. send there location to to them and hope that they will piss off after that. or even better yet get them arrested by the FBI.

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    Report them to the police / Feds. Twitter isn’t going to (intentionally) just release users private info to other users. Law enforcement, with enough proof, can and will get the info.

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    Try out a webhook with a canary token. It might not be directly through Twitter, but I don’t see why you couldn’t start SEing them.

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