May 11, 2021

Is this a good way to practice?

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    Hello! I’m new in the ethical hacking space and I’m trying to find a way that I can get better and better.

    And I was wondering if setting up a “Hacking lab” using VMware or Virtual box is the way to go.

    Or if I should just stick to hack the box.

    Edit: also I’m not sure if it’s important to point this out but Im studying offensive security

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    You probably should set up a hacking lab and then do hackthebox or whatever you like. Tryhackme seems more beginner friendly, so maybe start there.

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    Setting up a hacking lab is an amazing option, but not the most beginner friendly, as you directly get a practical and realistic approach, along with having more control to the machine, so you can also explore the machine, yourself.
    So I’d suggest sticking with tryhackme(s), and hackthebox, until you reach a point of practice that you’d not need to completely depend On tutorials, then, you can go for a hacking lab.

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    H**ow does wifi handshake work and can it be done through windows? Also can i actually get hold of someone’s wifi which is using wpa?**

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