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    So I tried showing my friend 2 Girls 1 Cup (he hasn’t seen it), didn’t find any link for it though, but then there was this guy’s drive link: []( (screenshot gyazo) Here’s the link: []( (it’s the guy’s google docs)

    Okay, so I’m a dumbass, clicked on that picture, threw me to some site, forwarded me to some like random porn “girls here” but during that when I saw the links just changing one after another I saw like []( and now I’m scared as shit

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    Dumb move… but you already admitted that. The question is … are you smarter now? (i.e. Did you learn anything?)

    Run a malware scan on your machine to be safe, and it wouldn’t hurt to clear your web data.

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    Im sorry

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    You’re fine. Run an antivirus scan just to be sure. I didn’t check, but I don’t need to, because similar questions get asked here every week. The answer is always the same.

    Stop clicking dumb things.

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    If you didn’t run something on your device
    You’re probably fine

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