May 5, 2021

Just wanna ask, what OS you use for hacking??

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    Hello, i want to learn some hacking, but i struggle to use different OS, mainly because i always use Windows, and i can’t use Ubuntu because i never used them and MacOS because i can’t buy macbook (*sad laugh*)

    So, what are your OS for hacking? Should i change OS and learn another OS (like Kali linux, etc)? How about resources like exploit and source code (i heard many source code using linux base system)?

    Thank you.

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    Qubes and Alpine. [Watch this.](

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    If you want to learn hacking Linux is a must, as most tools are compiled for Linux only and in general knowing BASH is a requirement. Also knowledge of networking, scripting languages, and IT in general is necessary.

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    Kali Linux, I run it on a second HDD and I have dual boot.

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    Kali – Virtual Machine

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    Well, I use Ubuntu as my main OS. The new versions are really stable and don’t crash or anything. I’ve been using it for over 2 years and faced no problems. I’ve tried about 20 different Linux Distros and Ubuntu was one of the few that didn’t disappoint.

    For playing CTFs and other stuff, I usually use Kali Linux or ParrotOS using a Virtual machine (I use VMware Player, but many prefer Oracle Virtual Box).

    If you want to get started with hacking go to YouTube and find hackersploit. He has a 100+ video series on YT and I think that’s a must watch

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    >”I can’t use ubuntu because I never used it”

    You’re not gonna make it

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    I use kali Linux, I never have problems. Highly recommend.

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    Since I am still a noob I use a virtual machine with Kali Linux to do my projects. I run Windows 10 as my daily driver because I need to use it for school because the proctoring service they use requires Windows 10.

    Ideally in the future I would run a Linux distribution like Debian and Ubuntu as my daily driver.

    I would never run a pentesting distro like kali linux as a daily driver or even install it on a computer. I would only use those hacking distros as a live environment when I am conducting an attack on a target.

    A virtual machine is good enough to learn about hacking. When you conduct an actual real pentest then using a laptop with kali linux running as a live environment makes more sense.

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    Look for kali in the MS app store, it should install as a windows subsystem, it’s a good place to start, but it lacks the full isolation of a virtual machine.

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    I have Windows 10 as main OS but am not really a fan of Virtual machines, so i installed Kali linux in dual boot

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    It really depends on what you’re aiming at. You get a lot from using windows because it is what most people use, so most viruses and stuff like that target that OS specifically. But it’s also worth it to learn how to use Linux because there are a lot of very useful tools for it and also the openness of it allows you to take a deeper look into how it works and learn a ton about OS and computer science in general.

    I personally use Debian as my main OS and I have a dual boot with Windows 10 because I need it for some very specific things (not hacking related) but I avoid it as much as possible.

    I’ve also tried Fedora a few years ago (my experience wasn’t great, but maybe that was due to me being a complete noob to linux) and after that Ubuntu until a few months ago. Ubuntu is great for learning the basics of linux and once you feel comfortable with the terminal you can move to some more advanced distros. So far my experience with Debian has been great excluding some headaches installing drivers.

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    I run Kali on a virtual machine on one of my win10 boxes, but I sometimes live boot it from usb if I’m on the go using a laptop. I also run Net Hunter on an ancient ASUS Nexus 7 tablet, but you could really run it on anything. The tablet just hides my Alfa wifi adapter a bit better than a phone.

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    Any linux distribution should be good.

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    Don’t be sad, it is overpriced hardware that isn’t worth it. Any Linux-powered ThinkPad is 1000 times better.

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