May 11, 2021

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    Dont know if this is the right sub but……

    So I’ve been needing a new keyboard for a while, and as I’m walking down my block I see someone puts one out on the curb, so I take it home and have been using it for like a week r 2. Then i get a notification on phone that my C Card has been used. Thing is I randomly use my card and mostly only for online purchases. So my question is is it possible for someone to put a keylogger in the keyboard and steal my information remotely, should i through away the keyboard r am I overthinking this?

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    You picked up a random keyboard on the curb? This is the equivalent of grabbing a random USB flash drive off the ground and plugging it in your computer. Yes it is absolutely possible there is a keylogger built in.

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    Next time put your naked ass on the curb.
    They’ll find it easier and faster to fuck u up

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    Lock your card immediately and break that shitty keyboard in half then throw it back to the trash. Jesus! Never do such things.

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    I would use these things on an air gapped computer and try to open the stuff up,just to see what they where doing

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