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    So I Go to a school were we pay for the MacBooks and they lock them down. last year it was fine last year but this year I can’t even watch YouTube or play any sort of game/download the tings I want. application downloads require admin’s user and pass. onto of that I’ve tried trying to use terminal to force my self admin even though I broke through to be able to access terminal I wasn’t able to use the code because it instantly rejected it. on my Mac the use an application called Iboss and a network blocking through wifi. it blocks everything even off of school wifi. I just wanna be able to use my Mac and do the things I want but I can’t so if you are interested please respond!!!!

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    That’s really scummy of your school to lock them down despite you paying a lot for them, try factory reset it

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    yes iv tried vpn only helps with youth and shows I want to download applications or use them but it just won’t let me

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    Buy a new hard drive and replace.

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