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    So I’ve been trying to learn python for the past month or so. Seems like it’s a language more focused on the data science of things. But I do like how it’s changed how I think, this stuff does not come naturally. Not sure where to go from here. Should I learn about computer networks? Java? Seems like there are so many ways of approaching hacking.

    If I were to approach the network side of it all – where is a good place to start?

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    By learning the ins and outs of network-related modules. Modules such as socket, requests, pwntools, etc.

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    You can start learning a new language but it depends what you have in mind. Maybe you’re just doing it for fun. You can try C, it can help you to better understand how languages works and you can do cool projects with Arduino. Or you can start doing web development with python backend frameworks and begin javascript for frontend.

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