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    So I’ve got so many devices disguised .. poorly as my households. Duplicates with Mac addresses no match.

    Dealing with DoS, redirects, cellular and wifi jamming and it’s becoming a real issue and headache. We reset the gateway, use vpns and always ofc up to date software and devices… I do my verifications of file integrities and all of such. No UDnP or wps ever. Wps3 18 characters long. I’m sure I’m still messing up.

    In logs I have many duplicates with false Mac addresses on every device (duplicates of the same devices) and there is some obvious jamming when I can make phone calls sometimes just 20 meters fro my apartment. Living by Microsoft where everyone is in the tech game, and all the script kiddies I’m not surprised. There are pen testers everywhere.

    One log shows an Apple Watch, with the OS Watch OS hunter 7.0.2. I would assume this is associated with kali hunter?

    Also, would you assume the failure of spoofing/mimicking real Mac addresses further supports the assumption of an amateur or is it more likely to be a bluff of some sorts? Also just changing the device name around with a room mate had them targeting her and me free for days. Bluff or script kiddy? What’s your hunch?

    Am I correct to assume a jammer has little use if you jam just as well with kali?

    Yes I have an enemy and have been pursuing legal action. She didn’t like that and send death threats which were a joke… congrats you have an email of mine to spam that I’ve never before typed in. The perpetrator iswith a huge motive unfortunately, prison time and a LOT of money.

    I make sure to have eyes on, witnesses as these things unfold.

    I’m not very skilled and would love to track the down. Of course it’s not so easy.

    Hopping this sub would lend a hand because the others seem oblivious to the ease and availability of this sort of tech.

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    I am having a very hard time following what you need from us here. Can you please paraphrase what that is in clear terms? I would almost suggest going for a stealth network approach, and only allowing predetermined MAC addresses. If you have duplicate MACs that doesn’t make sense unless you’re doing that yourself somehow…

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    I post this fully knowing it will be read by whoever

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    Last time we reset the gateway, it was on vpn with no other devices connected. Using an iPhone iOS 14.2
    But the password was changed. Confirmed by two others so I know it’s not an error on my end

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