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    In these times of censorship and such i feel the need for anonymity is ever more important. I heard about Lokinet and was going to try it out but i noticed it was installing as a coinminer? is this normal?

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    Hey hey that sounded dope scary, but now I realise. Each instance is rewarded for running a node to prevent trust issues (you know, governments running Tor nodes), so it seems normal having in mind they are the same people behind Session messenger, which is known for security. As it’s open source, trust shouldn’t be an issue, so just verify checksums and stuff and you should be alright.

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    As long as you are verifying checksums 🙂

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    Are you sure it’s installing a miner? The underpinnings of the application rely on the blockchain and quite possibly you’re throwing a false positive. As always verify the files are showing correct checksums.

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