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    Hello! I’m looking for some people to do some CTF’s with 😀 ! It doesn’t matter to me if we are doing hackthebox, tryhackme, etc… I just feel like working with people towards a goal will be more effecient and we could easily learn from eachothers thought processes. If anyone is interested just comment down below and let me know!

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    What levels of experience are you expecting in your team ?

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    Man that’s a great idea. Most of the stuff I have learned about hacking I have learned with someone else. Unfortunately I am too low skilled to try any CTFs.

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    I’m so down. I think working with someone on CTFs with help push me and motivate me

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    I’m down, I’m really new to hacking, but I’m always willing to learn.

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    I’m down I have est timezone

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    That sounds interesting. I am down.

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    I am down, especially through the late fall and winter when I am less busy.

    I have gotten Hacker level on HTB also so could make a team. Sounds sorta cheesy buts thems the facts. Happy to collab on someone elses team as well. Really fun stuff

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    I’m still kinda new to ctf’s, been working through some tryhackme boxes. And been watching a lot ippsec on YouTube. But I would like to learn together while doing some boxes. I do live in Europe, but can stay up pretty late. So est time zone could work for me.

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    I’m down. Love doing CTFs.

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    I am down, still trying to learn and find a study partner

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    I’m down. Pm me!

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