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    Hello, so some background info first. So my dad has a colleague who’s been taking pictures with him for a long time now. My family knew about it and liked her too. Everything was fine until she developed feelings for my dad but my dad went with it because she always helped us out here and there(according to my dad but i think he liked her too). Anyway fast forward, she starts blackmailing my dad and he attempts to distance himself from her but she files some false charges, making him go through jail. Hes out of jail now but she still has the pictures of him and often spreads rumours that she is still seeing him(uses the past pictures as proof).Used to harass us too in real life but the police stopped it but they can’t do much about the Facebook part so here I am. We have requested her multiple times to delete the pictures but so far its unsuccessful. As for the pictures, they arent nudes or sex clicks , they are just them holding hands,hugging or leaning on each other etc. Am from a very religious society so even if i don’t think much of this its considered a sort of adultery here.

    So here I am looking to hire someone who can hack a FB account to delete the posts including my dad , that’s all. Please, if you are not a hacker and know someone do comment about it. Also, ask away if you have any questions.

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    You should be looking for a lawyer, not a hacker.

    Anyone offering to “hack Facebook” is out to scam you.

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    Not going to happen and please never post anything like this again.

    It sucks but this isn’t the place for this.

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    How does this not classify as something enforceable/litigious? You need to take the proper route here, and if you’re having officials deny you then you need to escalate until the situation is rectified. Having someone illegally fuck with them will only hurt your case.

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    Soliciting to hire someone to do something illegal is itself illegal. Just by asking, you’ve made yourself the criminal. Should definitely contact a lawyer now.

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