May 11, 2021

Make a bot to look for exploits in exploit-db

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    So me and my friends have this small discord server. Its non-english and is designed to provide resources to people in my country who are trying to learn a bit more about cybersec. We have more than 100 links to tools, tutorials and much more. I want to add a discord bot that looks in exploit-db for a search termin, such as `!exploitsearch Windows 10` . Does anyone have experience with making such bots or similar bots ?

    Edit: I am planning on using the Searchsploit app for linux on a small RPI4 as the bot. The only aivailible commands will obviously be thing ending with `!exploitsearch` without any “&” or “|” symbols as user input will be passed directly. I know that you shouldnt trust user input but that is the best I have.

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    I would gladly help you on the task, how many people will be using the bot? (Will it be public)

    Also searchsploit is good but you can try getsploit python library as a background searcher and use more robust filtering

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    you could probably use the searchsploit command and filter the results somehow

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    There’s an irony about a security discord server passing user input to a bot …

    Another idea.

    GitHub actions to push new updates to the exploit-db source to your Discord via webhook.

    No not required.

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