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    One day we were in class and my friend sees that he can type C:/ into chrome and it shows the index of that drive. We are NOT supposed to see this so we just kept it quiet… One day i was hooked to the fact there could be something to exploit there but my computer science teacher told me you could not do anything with the information nor could you delete anything on the drive so it didn’t matter. But i searched anyway and on the drive I found a file with a password and username on it. Long story short my friend used it to log in with administrator privilliges and yeah. full access. Told a teacher how to fix it and that was that. Pretty funny if you ask me…

    Also im not 100% sure if this is considered ‘hacking’ but whatever.

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    It _is_ hacking. What you did in professional words:

    – Bypass filesystem access restrictions
    – Enumerate the local filesystem to find credentials
    – Escalate privileges on the local system

    If you’re local admin, it could be possible to:

    – Access more credentials/hashes stored on the system
    – Access other computers/servers using the same credentials

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    Pretty interesting either way

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    * My friend and I hacked our school.

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