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    How would I get to see a PDF that will appear on Moodle at a certain time. E.g It’s 7AM but the PDF becomes available at 9AM in Moodle. The PDF has to be uploaded to Moodle so there should be a way for me to see it before the test starts (9AM).

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    Easy. Get root, then find the file on the harddrive.

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    Moodle is so fucked up badly programmed platform (you can find numerous cross-scripting and similar weaknesses by just randomly poking at it) that you probably need to look for either a cross-scripting weakness or some memory leak. You will maybe not find what you search in the first few days, but after longer search this platform is your oyster.

    Also the developers of this platform know about the weaknesses and bugs for almost 1 year now and have hardly put any effort into fixing them. So I wouldn’t feel bad in your place about hacking it

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