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    So I host a relatively successful blog for Home DIY on WordPress for a friend of mine, and they have recently run into an issue where someone has been copying their content. We have already filed the DMCA and emailed the site to cease and desist but they seem to be ignoring all of that. Shes contacted a lawyer but that costs money…

    So, I was wondering how they were copying because checking the access logs to the site I did not see any scrapers outside of the normal google bots doing their normal indexing, so I wasn’t sure if someone was literally copying the content or if there was indeed a bot being obfuscated somehow.

    The bot was decently smart, it downloaded all the relevant images and changed all the links so I couldn’t just switch up some SRCs to ruin the copy, however, I did decide to try and test if JS script content was being copied inside the body, and indeed it was. My first thought was to base64 a redirect if the host didn’t match our URL, and that piece was copied over… except I forgot my quotes around the string so it didn’t do anything on the eval….

    I was wondering if anyone had any other ideas I could do to get them to stop along with the legality of it if I was able to trick their bot into downloading a server executable file since images are being downloaded.

    Thanks for the advice.

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    Find the hosting company by running Whois on the I address then email the hosting companies abuse email address.

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