May 11, 2021

“Must watch” defcon talks?

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    I was watching some old presentations and asked myself, what are considered to be the “must have” of defcon talks by hacker community? What are your favourite talks?

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    Mines include:
    -[Barnaby Jack- Jackpotting automated teller machines](

    -[The making of Atlas](

    -[Hakc the police](

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    There’s one that demonstrates the poor sec engineering of a certain camera, and you can perform a Hollywood style hack to where you alter the camera feed to show the same time and date, but keep a looped recording of nothing there. Too lazy to link πŸ˜†

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    [The Search For The Perfect Door]( from Deviant Ollam is probably my favorite. Deviant pretty much goes over just about every way to get in a door without having to pick it.

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    I think [this]( is probably one of the best, itβ€˜s about social engineering

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    Pretty fond of this one: [I Will Kill You](

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