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    I don’t know yet if you’d call this “hacking”, more of just innocent discovery. I fool around on my own personal wifi a good bit to practice things (nmap, netdiscover, etc.) but lets say I’m on a work wifi network (that I am authorized to be on and was given the WPA2 key). Doing little things like netdiscover, etc. seems harmless enough and there is no ill-intent other than that I like seeing what I find. Will the ARP requests sent by netdiscover, for example, show up as a red flag to the network admin using Meraki? What about in passive mode?

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    A good admin always checks his network for suspicious activities.

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    Depending in how the Meraki wifi is set up. You will either be isolated from the rest of the wifi network or it will just pass through your traffic to the LAN. In that case and depending on your company setup you might have an IDS system that will alert admins of the suspicious scans that are happening on the LAN.

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