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    So I’m not writing this for sympathy or revenge, ( even though I pray the illest of wills ) a redditor named gambithacks is going around posing a hacker for Snapchats, posting false prices and services so that he can rip people off of their money, the way he scammed me out of my entire checking account. Now granted I was foolish enough to send him more then the agreed amount over cash app but regardless, I prayed he wouldn’t be the type who ripped me off ( also leaving me unable to pay my bills, rent and food costs ) and extorts me for my money back by bringing him clients to scam. Any way, I hope if at the very least the word goes around that this individual is a scummy person and a dishonest human being. ( also for context, my bank and cash app support have ignored my requests for assistance in the matter so I do believe im outta luck and I’ll have to live with it)

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