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    I was wondering if someone could help me out who knows about technology and possibly hacking. I was given my brother’s old computer and it came with Windows 8. There were some strange things that was happening and then one day I noticed that my dad’s OneDrive account showed up when I selected the OneDrive App. So it showed that there was two OneDrive accounts to try and log into. I had done a fresh install with the Windows 8 serial number that my brother gave me. How does something like this happen? There is nothing that would tie my account to my dad’s. He lives in another state and I have no contact with him. Could he have hacked into my computer?

    Microsoft was no help and simply said he can’t see my documents but they wouldn’t even acknowledge how this is odd and I didn’t feel that they were knowledgeable. They just wanted to protect themselves and get me off the phone. If someone could tell me how something like this can happen I would appreciate it. I am not trying to hack anything or anyone just was hoping to know if I could have been hacked.

    Some of the strange things that were happening to my computer was a couple of my Microsoft word documents disappeared, I once saved a document to my desktop and I saw it change from .doc to .docx and disappear.

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