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    My neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods are being targeted with routine car door checks between 3-5am. Many have been successful, some locked cars get windows shattered. No one has caught these guys and it’s frustrating to wonder if I’m gonna wake up to something again. With the holiday season upon us, this will only happen more frequently. These guys have also stolen guns, so they need to be arrested.

    To cut to the chase, I was thinking about setting up an open guest network that a smartphone will connect to automatically. Of course, this will be on a separate VLAN from my personal network devices. I would have a record of the client and mac-address, but after that, I’m not going to see much of anything useful.

    Does anyone have ideas on how to grab as much possible data as quickly as possible when someone connects to this SSID? First thing I thought of was have a script run Wireshark, but this needs to be between specific times of the night, I don’t want to waste time grabbing data from George and Betsy walking their dog.

    Of course, they may not have a phone on them or they may prevent their device from connecting to an open network. I feel like it’s worth a try. Having data along with video footage may go a long way.. maybe this is a dumb idea.


    tl;dr – How do I access thief’s data with open wifi.

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