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    Happy December everyone!

    I am Hardeep Singh, co-founder and creator of rootsh3ll Labs

    [LinkedIn]([http://linkedin.com/in/rootsh3ll](http://linkedin.com/in/rootsh3ll)) | [Twitter]( [https://twitter.com/rootsh3ll](https://twitter.com/rootsh3ll))


    My friend and I recently built a Cloud-delivered Network Security training platform. This allows you to run on-demand hacking labs within your browser as a private environment, legally.

    After logging into the dashboard, you can simply click and run the desired lab under 30 seconds. And, mark the lab as complete by submitting the flag.

    Key benefits of our labs:

    1. Fast, on-demand hacking environment
    2. Browser based labs
    3. Dedicated practice environment
    4. No VPN/3rd party tool required, ever
    5. 24×7 Forum Support
    6. Solutions to all labs
    7. Works on office laptop and all devices
    8. Fast booting exercises. <30 seconds
    9. Safe and Legal to practice


    [Request a rootsh3ll Labs demo here](https://labs.rootsh3ll.com/?ref=hacking)


    We recently completed our Beta program and received amazing reviews for the labs we released during the Beta.

    Read a few of all the public reviews we received:

    [Lab 1 review](https://forums.rootsh3ll.com/t/megathread-beta-1-lab-1-feedback/191)

    [Lab 2 review](https://forums.rootsh3ll.com/t/megathread-beta-1-lab-2-feedback/222)

    [Beta user dedicated review](https://forums.rootsh3ll.com/t/lab-2-review-warning-possible-spoilers/228)


    For a better understanding, imagine it like OSCP or HackTheBox styled learning labs for training and CTFs both. We are currently serving people who are interested in acquiring Network Security skills.

    Right now, we have labs (and solutions) that teach you topics like Wireless Network Security, Network Security, Pivoting, Exploitation, and Post-exploitation.



    You can clear any query here/PM or via email ([[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]))

    If you are working on acquiring a cert/completing course, let us know if we can help you out by building those labs.


    P.S: If you are a team looking for special the purpose, dedicated on-demand labs feel free to reach us out on [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and let us know about your team’s career goals and how you would like us to help you out.


    Thanks for your time 🙂

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