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    Hello everyone,

    I’m learning python and I don’t like exercises you can usually find o the internet. I also wanted to give back something to the community. So I created an OSINT script. I know the script is probably a mess and it could be done much better, but it works so here it is:

    Email suggester is a python OSINT script for penetration testers. This script scrapes google for people’s names working for a searched company from indexed LinkedIn pages. From these names, it creates an email list in the desired format and puts it into a text file (output.txt). It also creates a second file where are listed the names of a person, position and company (peopleInfo.txt).

    I hope some of you conducting pentests will find it useful.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Here is the link: [https://github.com/AkatsukiSec/Email-Suggester](https://github.com/AkatsukiSec/Email-Suggester)

    Note: my previous post was banned(no reason given). If you are admin and going to remove this post, at least give me a reason. There are many tools posted in this subreddit, that are purely malicious (this tool is not) and not removed. Thx.

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