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    I’ve taken a few networking, security, pentesting, and white hat courses on udemy. I’d like to try out my knowledge but most of it is theoretical and system knowledge (definitions, system designs, how things work, etc), not necessarily practical or instructional (how to apply what I learned).

    What I’d like to learn is different things I can do over my own WiFi network against my own devices and computer.

    I have:

    – admin access to my own WiFi router and connection

    – my own computer

    – my old iPhone 6 with full access

    – my current Android phone (with termux which I haven’t figured out yet)

    – a WiFi pineapple nano (got a good deal on it and it seemed like it could be fun)

    – an assortment of raspberry pis and related hats, accessories

    What I’d like to do is set up a fake account on my iPhone and work on packet sniffing and seeing what data I can gather from it and how much access I can gain to it over the WiFi connection. I’d also like to learn how to trick the iPhone into accessing a created portal and anything else I can do over WiFi either using my Android, computer, or WiFi pineapple.

    If anyone has any suggestions of things to try or resources for good tutorials and instructions, I’d love to hear them. I’ve messed around with some of the available mods on the pineapple and they’ve been fun but there aren’t a lot of available specific tutorials showing what all I can do to my own devices.

    Any help is appreciated. Cheers!

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