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    N00b isn’t even the appropriate word for me. Only thing I’ve managed to do is read materials and create a bootable Linux usb. Long story short, I have been fruitless in my efforts with Google and youtube. One video I found didn’t work. The USB drive has live persistence listed in the boot menu, but doesn’t save anything when I try to save a file as a test and boot it back up. Whatever I was following along with, I followed to a T. Including setting it up in the prompt with Linux. Pretty positive it’s Debian as the distro. I’ll also post this in tech support if this isn’t the place. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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    Mentioning what distro you are talking about would be helpful. But yeah this more of a tech support question.

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    Boot into persistence option.

    Type “fdisk -l” copy+paste the path to the usb

    Although switch out /dev/sdb2 with whatever you have. Reboot, then place a file on desktop to test, then reboot one last time to verify

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    For me I originally tried to make a bootable kali USB with my MacBook but found that persistence only worked if I created the USB with Rufus on windows

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    David Bombal has a video (youtube) on how to do this with Rufus… Hopefully you have a windows PC somewhere nearby. Rufus will do all of the work for you… [](

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    Make sure you are using a live kali image. When you boot, select the kali with persistence option. Then create a new user, and change the default root password. Update ssh with new keys.

    Run: apt update && apt upgrade -y

    Reboot and login with the new user.

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    Rule 9 – We are not tech support

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