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    I am not technical type of a person so I thought of asking some IT engineers there!! What do you think of Norton 360? Any suggestions to protect my MacBook?

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    Norton is a big NO! If you want the best advice, go (F secure.com) Those guys will sort you out!

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    I don’t think this is the best place to ask this because most people on this sub are probably beyond antivirus, but I’ll try to answer. Most antivirus is trash. I think Malwarebytes is pretty reputable but I personally don’t have any antivirus on my Mac or PC. If you practice good internet hygiene then a hacker would need physical access to your machine to infect it.

    That being said I recommend hygiene over antivirus, try these things:

    Never open unknown emails

    Don’t click on random links that you see posted on forums or that are sent to you

    Occasionally open Task Manager and see if there is anything with very high percentage usage that you don’t recognize

    Do not download unknown files or use sites to download torrents

    If you don’t want to do all of that then you can use Malwarebytes and it will catch all known Malware (that has been recorded in their databases)

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