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    I have a problem that could be resolved by speaking with someone, the problem is the person i need to speak to is behind a automated phone answering system. when you call in you get the usual language selection them a message then 3 more selection then an id number input then a message that says either the number of people on hold is to great and call back or (supposedly) please hold for the next operator. I have called this number 93 times today and am at my wits end.

    So can anyone offer a tech solution to this i have looked into automated voip calls, making calls through windows 10, calling apps…none of these seem to do what i want.

    windows 10 can apparently connect to a phone through an app but i don’t know if the kind of functions i need preformed can be. im not finding any software to do this and the apps seem like they are tied into services (whats app).

    if some one could point me in the right direction on this that would be great, i find it hard to believe that an Indian telemarketing team can call me at all hours of the day from 101 different phone numbers but i cant find any info on how to use these “evil” techniques to help me contact a representative to resolve a legit problem. any help would be appreciated.



    Im going to keep calling, trying other numbers and all that but the fact that im being “defeated” by automated system makes me feel like a…tecno-cuck, and its made even worse that i cant find a solution to this on my own by googling or surfing around reddit. even if i eventually get through i would still want advice for future use. once again thats for any help.


    hey, thanks r/Hacking for the suggestions but after spending the day looking into it i think the task is more than a little out of my reach (I dum-dum) so thanks again but i’m gonna put this idea…on hold. pardon the pun.

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    ok your post doesn’t actually say what your end goal is tho so idk how to help you. Are you looking to automate the process of calling them and entering in the information? are you looking to bypass the automated system? something else completely? What is the actually end goal for the use of technology

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    I used to achieve something similar to your goal when I was a kid using a PC with a 56k modem. The dialer in windows 3.1 and windows 95/98 would allow you to input custom character strings so that you could use the modem to rudimentarily navigate PBX systems and reach extensions etc. Maybe give it a shot, I would check to see if the capability is still around but I don’t have a modem in anything anymore.

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    Android app ToneDef is a bluebox and redbox tone generator. have a try, you can set pause within settings.. not sure if the ivr is exploitable.

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