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    Sorry to bother you all and please don’t be mean. I don’t know a lot about computers and hacking, I’m your pretty basic internet user that has devices for work and social media and stuff. I have really bad anxiety about hacking that I know is irrational, but I would like to know some facts that will (hopefully) help me out. Even if it just increases my fear, I would rather know the truth and learn to protect myself. So I know about basic stuff they tell you about, like not opening unknown links and making sure you have secure passwords and stuff. I don’t have any personal reasons to ask this, just my diagnosed intrusive thoughts speaking, but is it possible for someone to hack me without me realizing it and post something or put something on my devices that are incriminating or really bad? I don’t have any enemies so I know this is irrational but I just want to know how that is possible and if I can do anything to stop that from possibly happening. Also, what else can I do besides 2FA, making strong passwords, and not clicking on anything unknown or suspicious? If someone does hack me, what is the worst they can do? Is the biggest threat financial? I am also worried because I live with other people and even share a laptop with someone, but we have different Mac accounts. I am good at making sure I have secure passwords, but they do the thing where they have a super guessable password and they use the same password for everything. They click on random stuff, never worry about security, etc. I have warned them and begged them to be more secure but it is pretty much impossible, they refuse to change. Can their lack of security impact me as a person? Can people tell we use different accounts or are 2 different users? Please someone that really knows about this can help me out and know how to protect myself or stop worrying. My biggest worries are that someone is going to use my name or social media accounts to post stuff that looks bad and will ruin my life, or will put something on my computer that is not mine that looks really bad. Please help

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